Primary treatment of Corona. Poetry of Anant Prashad Nepal

Laxman Nepal

 We are all human beings, I have a request.
I will now write and tell you about the medicine that keeps you away from the disease.

Azmoda, Ashwagandha, Jethimadhu bho black cumin bho ani.

Again the white cumin seeds are black and pipala is also black.

Lajjavati Asuro Gurjo Timur Bho Titopati Neem Ani.

Ghodtapre Tulsi Apmarg Marich Bel Besar Kush Pani.

All of them drank Kuti Dhulo Parou tea instead.

The disease that has come now will run away without coming near.

Indeed, this matter is definitely very stressful.

I am also having tea instead of waking up every day.

To protect the life without losing anything.

Ishtamita brothers take this habit every day.

This medicine is old, all the new ones are needed for pain and soreness.

Make your own medicine at home and eat it.

I will give you twenty types of medicinal herbs.

Anyone who knows this medicine should tell everyone else.

Wearing a mask on the mouth, eating under pressure and not breaking the rules.

Staying separate even in the world of home.

Friends also moved all at once.

Do not touch anyone, wash your hands for a while, this disease does not spread.

You should always keep Accupressor in mind while doing yoga.

Daily yoga works to drive away all diseases.

Sunna kilas padeko chhu loss long life.

Let this matter reach all fourteen zones up to seventy-seven districts.

Makwanpur Thegana Hetoda Nagar Lamsure Nine Ghar Chyo.

My name is Ananta Q. remained

Poem/Poet/Voice/Words : Anant Prasad Nepal

Video : Laxman Nepal

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