How to make a free website in Nepal for lifetiime .

How to make a website in Nepal for free from mobile and computer

Make a blog


You can make and deal with your own blog with Blogger.


 Make a blog 

 Subscribe in to Blogger. 


 On the left wing, click the Down bolt Down bolt. 

 Click New blog. 


 Enter a character for your blog. 

 Click Straightaway. 


 Pick a blog address or URL. 

 Click Save. 


 Note make sure you conform to the Blogger Content Approach and Terms of Administration. 


 Deal with your blog 

You can oversee who can alter and read your blog. work out how to control entrance to your blog. 


 You can pick how you believe your blog should look. work out how to change the plan of your blog. 

 Programs you will use 






MS Edge 


 Note New program acclimations are frequently delivered. Make some extent to save your program refreshed to the most recent rendition for stylish issues.
You can watch the full video on my YouTube channel. Click the video below to watch the video. 👇

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